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Gulet Refit

7 Guests


At Aganta, we specialize in comprehensive gulet refits, ensuring your vessel is rejuvenated to its prime condition. Our recent refit included:

  • Woodwork Restoration: Replacing and caulking deteriorated wood in the underwater section.
  • Deck Revitalization: Renewing and tightly sealing essential teak areas.
  • Tank Replacement: Complete removal and renewal of water and fuel tanks.
  • Hose System Upgrade: Modernization of hose installations.
  • Mast Overhaul: Replacing old masts with new ones after meticulous putty and paint applications.
  • Machinery Maintenance: Thorough servicing to ensure optimal performance.
  • Chrome Fitting Restoration: Repair and polishing of chrome fittings for a pristine look.
  • Awnings and Finishes: Crafting new chrome awnings, varnishing, and painting for a refreshed appearance.
  • Rudder and Stern Mirror Renewal: Complete overhaul for enhanced functionality.

Trust Aganta for a meticulous and comprehensive gulet refit, delivering quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.