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Yacht Management

Aganta Yacht Management

We take the helm of your vessel’s operations, ensuring smooth sailing, impeccable maintenance, and a stress-free yachting experience. As a trusted yacht managers, we understand the unique demands of yacht ownership and the desire for worry-free enjoyment. Our dedicated team of maritime experts acts as the responsible captain of your ship, handling all aspects of your vessel’s operations such as safety, security, accounting, crew, refit etc.

At Aganta Yacht Brokerage Turkey, we take pride in

  • hiring, forming, and skillfully managing your yacht’s crew,
  • ensuring that they are well-trained, motivated, and
  • compliant with industry standards.

We also oversee all maintenance tasks, ensuring your vessel is always in top condition, both aesthetically and mechanically. Our wintering and cruising plans are meticulously crafted to optimize your yacht’s performance and longevity, all while maximizing your enjoyment. We serve as the vital bridge between you, the owner, and your crew, facilitating seamless communication, addressing any concerns, and ensuring your needs and preferences are met.

With our professional and responsible approach, you can relax and relish the pleasures of yachting, knowing that Aganta Yacht Management is steering the ship. Experience the difference in yacht ownership, where we handle the details so you can savor the voyage.