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Motor-Sailor 34 M w/Full Rina Classification 2007 (2010)

6 Guests
3 Cabins


Motor-Sailor 34 M With Full Rina Classification Model 2007 (2010)

This 34m gulet embodies the pinnacle of opulence, performance, and masterful design. Crafted with an Epoxy Laminated hull, this majestic vessel offers an expansive 7.2 meters beam, seamlessly merging elegance with functionality. Its Ketch rig, Aluminum masts, and "Park Avenue" Booms define a classic yet powerful sailing experience. Featuring a luxurious master suite, 2 guest cabins, and a dedicated 4-person crew cabin, comfort reigns supreme. A sail inventory boasting a 100% genoa, inner flog, mainsail, mizzen, and an impressive 600-square-meter gennaker, paired with Hydraulic Sail winches and Spectra Sail ropes, ensures unparalleled performance. Propelled by 2 Cummins QSL engines, each 405 HP, enabling a cruising speed of 11.8 knots, this gulet is a harmonious blend of luxury and exceptional sailing capabilities. With three control points for effortless handling and an esteemed reputation as one of the finest vessels in its class, this 34m gulet stands as a testament to maritime excellence.

Boat Information:

  • Type: 34m Gulet
  • Hull: Epoxy Laminated
  • Length: 34 meters
  • Maximum Beam: 7.2 meters
  • Rig: Ketch
  • Masts: Aluminum
  • Booms: "Park Avenue"
  • Accommodation: Luxurious master suite + 2 guest cabins, 4-person crew cabin
  • Sail Inventory: 100% genoa (196 square meters), inner flog (99 square meters), mainsail (131 square meters), mizzen (56 square meters), gennaker (600 square meters)
  • Features: Hydraulic Sail winches, Spectra Sail ropes, Hydraulic Furling systems for headsails
  • Engines: 2 Cummins QSL (each 405 HP) with Twin Disk MG 5075 transmissionsCruising Speed: 11.8 knots at 1800 rpm
  • Control Points: Three, including one in the saloon and two above the hoods
  • Reputation: Esteemed as one of the finest vessels in the 34m gulet category.

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