Former Network Yacht Brokerage

38M Delux Gulet

10 Guests


Our company specializes in managing 38-meter deluxe gulets, bringing professional services to the forefront. Leveraging our industry expertise, we offer the following services under the specified headings:

  1. Personnel & Salary Management:
    • Selection and management of gulet staff
    • Calculation of salaries and timely payment processing
  2. Technical Maintenance & Repair:
    • Regular inspection of the gulet's technical condition
    • Timely execution of necessary maintenance and repairs
  3. Tour Organizations:
    • Customizable and personalized tour programs
    • Organization prioritizing guest satisfaction
  4. Fuel Affairs:
    • Analysis of fuel consumption
    • Economical and environmentally friendly fuel options
  5. Document Procedures:
    • Preparation of necessary legal documents
    • Up-to-date document management
  6. Marina Organizations:
    • Marina reservations and management
    • Coordination of port services
  7. Winterization Organizations:
    • Safe storage of the gulet during winter months
    • Planning maintenance and repairs during the winter season

In each of our services, we prioritize quality and reliability, aiming to provide our clients with a seamless gulet experience.