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Lagoon 400 S2

  01 Jan.  – 08 April 08 April – 29 April 29 April – 24 June 24 June – 09 Sept. 09 Sept. – 30 Sept. 30 Sept. – 31 Dec. €3.450 €4.050 €4.750 €5.450 €4.750 €3.450 Built-in 2014 Lenght 12.00 mt Beam 7.25 mt Crew 1 Skipper ( optional hostess/cook ) Guests 6 Cabins 4 […]


Please note that these prices are per day. May June July August September October €515 €550 €630 €630 €550 €485 Built-in 2022 Lenght 14.00 mt Beam 4.35 mt Crew 1 Guests 8 Cabins 4 Motor 51 HP Volvo Fuel Capacity 210 L Fresh Water Capacity 360 L Equipment Bimini Bow thruster Furling mainsail Outside GPS […]


Please note that these prices are per day. May June July August September October €400 €400 €430 €430 €400 €345 Built-in 2011 Lenght 14.00 mt Beam 4.35 mt Crew 1 Guests 6 Cabins 3 Motor 75 HP Volvo Fuel Capacity 210 L Fresh Water Capacity 360 L Equipment Freezer Deep freeze Sunbathing area Bedding set […]

1997 Applied Alloys Yachts By David Lyons

Valtair designed by David Lyons and built in Australia in Melburn by APPLIED ALLOYS YACHTS in 1996. You know that most seaman’s common opinion is that the Aluminium is best material for building the hull of the vessel because of its strengths and endurance offers best as safety for her crew and lightness to provide best […]

Dutch Barga Open Water Cruiser

This Original River Barge was built in 1915 and when retired but soon discovered in her scrap- yard by present owner Mr V.S Gilbert ( Belgian ), adventurer and perhaps one of best engineers and architects in this field. İt took more or less 4 years from 1972 to 1978 to rebuild the entire hull, […]

1965 Model Polyester Sailboat

This 1965 model sailboat, measuring 11.20 meters in length and 3.52 meters in width, is constructed with durable polyester material. Equipped with essential features for a comfortable journey, it includes a walkie-talkie, solar panel, radar, and autopilot. The interior boasts two cabins with two toilets and a six-person bed. The boat is powered by a […]

Sweden Yachts 45

Sweden Yachts are one of the shining stars among Scandinavian-built yachts and exact sample of their perfection. Our boat “Lightfall” has only had “one owner” since new, Those are performance sailing yachts as well as provide the utmost comfort for their crew while sailing their sleek lines in almost all conditions of the seas, She […]

Nonsuch 354 by Hinterhoeller Yacht Canada

Introducing the Nonsuch 354 – a revolutionary vessel crafted by HINTERHOELLER YACHTS, renowned in the yacht building industry since 1956. This extraordinary yacht is a testament to over a thousand Nonsuch boats built, and the 354 stands as their 25th-year special gift to Nonsuch aficionados. Designed by the esteemed MARK ELLİS Design Office, its standout […]

Nordia 58 Aluminium Cruiser

Nordia 58 is built by VAN DAM NORDIA JACHTEN. The world’s famous designer and builders of luxury ocean going sailing yachts. Nordia 58 Aluminium Cruiser is ready to cruise in any ocean now with its Holland-built blue hull. Specifications Aluminium Hull, High-Grade Marine Seawater Resistant Aluminium alloy AIMg4Mn (5083) welding work X RAYED according the […]

Vallicelli Alloy Sloop 23 M

Welcome to the epitome of luxury and performance, the Cassenelli 80 ft. Custom Sloop. Crafted in 1995 by the esteemed Italian builders, this masterpiece is a testament to exquisite design and functionality. Boasting an aluminum alloy and wood construction, this 23-meter marvel redefines elegance on the seas. Accommodating 1 double master cabin, 2 double guest […]

Bavaria 41 / 2004

Welcome to our listing for a Bavaria 41 yacht, currently situated in the picturesque location of Bodrum, Turkey. This well-appointed vessel boasts a St. Kitts and Nevis flag, symbolizing its registration and maritime credentials. With its spacious layout, modern amenities, and reliable performance, this yacht promises an unforgettable cruising experience along the stunning Turkish coastline […]

2008 Hanse 540e

In the sailing world, the Hanse 540e stands as a timeless testament to elegance and performance. Built-in 2008, this exquisite vessel is a harmonious marriage of form and function, encapsulating the spirit of adventure on the open seas. From its sleek lines that slice through the water with grace, to its well-appointed interior that offers […]